Achievement Unlocked!…vExpert 2019!

| 04/01/2020 | Tags: ,

Wow!  This is an extremely long overdue post but better to get it out than never!!

Just wanted to quickly say that I’m extremely humbled to have been awarded the VMware vExpert 2019 award for the 4th consecutive time and am honored to be among the likes of some of the smartest and passionate individuals in the vCommunity!  I’m vExpert #1301 as per my public directory page.

Not only was I was awarded the vExpert, but I also was recognized as a vExpert NSX 2019!  This marks the 2nd time that I’ve applied for and earned this award and I couldn’t be happier!

As I mentioned in last years post, it takes effort, passion, and dedication to elevate your personal skill set and knowledge-base and I am thankful that I have had a great experience in working with VMware’s product line.  I look forward to keeping this going for years to come!  Congratulations to all my fellow vExperts, past and present!!

And special thanks go to VMware, Corey Romero, and the entire VMTN Community for all their efforts into making the vExpert program such a success!


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