NSX-T Home Lab Series

Intro I recently upgraded my Home Lab “Datacenter” to support all-flash VSAN and 10Gb networking with the plan to deploy NSX-T so that I can familiarize myself with the solution and use it to better prepare me for the VMware VCP-NV exam certification.  Since this is all brand new to me, I’ve decided that I’ll […]

Create an ESXi 6.7 VM Template

Disclaimer:  The following is not supported by VMware. Nested virtualization is nothing new, and many of us use it for test or demonstration purposes since they can quickly be stood up or torn down.  William Lam has an ESXi VM which can be downloaded from here, but I wanted to go ahead and create my […]

A Dream Come True!!

First off, let me start by apologizing for my long hiatus.  I took some time away from blogging to focus on some personal matters as well as my career development and advancement.  But here were are, brand new year, and a brand new me! Now, this is an extremely overdue post but I figured why […]