Home Lab 2016 – Part 3

Home Lab 2016 – Part 3 Hello all!  My sincere apologies for the brief hiatus, but I am back to continue my Home Lab 2016 series.  In my previous posts, I covered the components that make up my new Home Lab.  In this post I will quickly cover my Storage and Network solutions that connect my […]

Home Lab 2016 – Part 2

Home Lab 2016 – Part 2Welcome back for Part 2 of my Home Lab 2016 Series.  I hope that you enjoyed my previous post, Part 1 from last week, where I covered the basis of my home lab and presented the Bill of Materials (BOM) for my mini-datacenter environment.Today I am bringing you Part 2 and […]

Home Lab 2016 – Part 1

Home Lab 2016 – Part 1  Having a home lab is every IT enthusiasts dream come true, and now I can finally say that I have fulfilled that dream!  I previously was (and currently still am…) using a 1-node “white box” system I had built from a spare gaming machine I had laying around, running on […]