Homelab Makeover 2.0
31/12/2017 | virtualex

Hello and first off, thank so much for visiting my blog!  If you have followed any part of my “Homelab” series, you will be familiar with the components that make up my home “Datacenter”.  If not, take some time to catch up on those posts! In this post, I am quickly going to cover my lab […]

Home Lab 2017 – Part 1 (Network and Lab Overhaul)
12/02/2017 | virtualex

For the last 6+ months, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to my home lab and overall home network.  Between holidays, transitioning to a new employer/role, and everyday life getting in the way, I found that I had to put everything on the back burner for a bit…so I inevitably shutdown by home lab. […]

Home Lab 2016 – Part 3
23/04/2016 | virtualex

Home Lab 2016 – Part 3   Hello all!  My sincere apologies for the brief hiatus, but I am back to continue my Home Lab 2016 series.  In my previous posts, I covered the components that make up my new Home Lab.  In this post I will quickly cover my Storage and Network solutions that […]

Home Lab 2016 – Part 2
15/03/2016 | virtualex

Home Lab 2016 – Part 2 Welcome back for Part 2 of my Home Lab 2016 Series.  I hope that you enjoyed my previous post, Part 1 from last week, where I covered the basis of my home lab and presented the Bill of Materials (BOM) for my mini-datacenter environment. Today I am bringing you Part […]

Home Lab 2016 – Part 1
04/03/2016 | virtualex

Home Lab 2016 – Part 1     Having a home lab is every IT enthusiasts dream come true, and now I can finally say that I have fulfilled that dream!  I previously was (and currently still am…) using a 1-node “white box” system I had built from a spare gaming machine I had laying […]